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Daddy, Did You Go To The Insurrection?

Feb 1, 2021

American Family Values

After years of marketing themselves as the party of American #FamilyValues, the GOP finds itself today trying to distance itself from the racism, bigotry, ignorance, brutality, & viciousness that is often at the core of those family values or is employed in the furtherance of enforcing adherence to the values of those individually racist, ignorant, brutal, arbitrary arbiters of decisions on which their values are deemed more valuable than others.

I was raised a racist. So were most of my schoolmates. My parents both died racists. They weren’t mean racists. They were just your average ordinary journeymen racists. I called them the benign racists. It still doesn’t sound very nice does it? I was myself a benign racist, but I began working to stop being any kind of racist once I started calling these benign racist little Eichmanns & Eichmannettes, a term I first failed to make popular during the September 11 Era of Clueless Heroes in our evolving #AltReich. It wasn’t well-received back then & it apparently retains its paented offensive design & execution of intent even today. Most of us are Eichmanns & Eichmannettes from time to time.

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