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Lorena Boebert Threatens To Shoot Self If Libs Don't Stop Bullying Her

Dec 15, 2021

You Won’t Catch Me Whining When I Don’t Get My Way

It’s not the first time Rep. Lorena Boebert (R-Word, CO) has heaped scorn upon herself for being her ignorant self, but this time the US House of Representatives responded to racist and Islamophobic comments she made about Rep. Ilhan Omar (Dem, MN) by approving legislation to create a new position within the State Department solely committed to identifying and combatting Islamophobia anywhere in the world whether it’s owned by the United States or not.

Boebert recently founded The American Family Values Coalition, founded “to protect the rights of racists, clinical phobics, white supremacists, and other unwoke people to worship in any way they want to and not be prosecuted for their armed resistance to threats on their sacred traditions.”

Boebert tells anyone who will listen that white bigots are the most persecuted minority in the United States today. She notes that most activities white supremacists used to be able to use to prevent minorities from leveling the playing field had been ruled illegal by the courts for more than half a century.

This, she argues, has put traditional racists at a disadvantage when confronting the unwashed hordes of woke people who think the constitution applies to them. Was lynching really such a bad thing?” she asks, somewhat unironically.

“It’s time for pendulum to swing back to where we get a do-over on the Civil War, which we are in a much better position to win this time around,” the smirking lawbreaking champion told a recent gathering of alternatively political NRA operatives, while hoisting an AR15 over her head. “The libs don’t stand a chance.”

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