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Contents Of Time Capsule Removed From Robert E. Lee Statue Pedestal Revealed

Dec 22, 2021

Water Damaged Artifacts Include MAGA Cap, Copy Of Art Of The Deal, & Confederate Flag

Until the monstrous statue of the American Nazi Party’s favorite general of all time, Gen. Robert E. Lee, was torn from its moorings in Richmond earlier this year, no one realized there were several time capsules concealed inside the pedestal, one of which was hijacked by antifa and used as a getaway vehicle in a grocery store heist.

Researchers had expected to find a single capsule containing 60 items mentioned in a news article from 1887, items provided by Richmond businesses, non-governmental organizations, and tax-exempt foundations, including a photo of President Lincoln in a coffin.

Instead they found 7 distinct capsules, two of which contained pornography, one linking QAnon to the Illuminati, and three crammed with political attack ads.

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