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America Must Better Prepare For More Mass Shootings

Dec 1, 2021

What Else Can We Do? 

When things ain’t broke, you can’t fix them. That’s the American Way! If it ain’t in the Constituion, it damn well should be. Among the most important rights this country has to offer are the ones listed in the Second Amendment, which lets anyone arm bears to form a well-regulated militia.

If God had meant for Americans not to get shot, He should have given them all genetically-appropriate full-body Kevlar prophylactics which would develop shortly after heartbeat detection.

I’m currently revising the Constitution to help average Americans who haven’t embraced ammosexuality understand their place in our corporate community police state, serving as cost-effective autonomous moving targets for  the kinds of quick draw artists our supply side plantation economy was designed for. I tell it from the bullet’s point of view to help you better appreciate your place in our corporatist supply side chain.

I wonder how many more decades it will take before Americans finally discover that the solution to gun violence is hidden inside the guns, & those guns have managed to get human beings to make it perfectly legal for guns to shoot humans  in defense of liberty, which is also called standing your ground.

Standing your ground against a gun standing its ground is just stupid. The founding fathers gave us the courts to prove what stupidity entails &  how little our lives are actually worth.

Merry Christmas!

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