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Promoting Racist Family Values Still A Winning Repugnicunt Strategy

Nov 3, 2021

Playing All Trumps Or No Trumps Is Still A Bridge To Nowhere

America is never going improve to the level of the lowest EU country until saying “Well, that’s white of you” is seen for the grim irony it has always contained.

Our national media is a disgrace, unable to bring themselves to see beyond their bottom line. I have been saying I told you so about this state of affairs since the mid-60s. Nothing has changed.

Education wasn’t on the ballot in Virginia. The right of white Virginians to avoid owning up to their racist heritage and continuing their proud embrace of ignorance was.

Individual freedom was not on the ballot. The Constitution is still the document upon which our nation of miserable fucks is based.

Civic responsibility & basic humanity, on the other hand, was on the ballot & our favorite well-armed friends and neighbors voted against it, just as they have repeatedly since The Reagan Legacy’s supply-side plantation economy made the world safe for mean-spirited morons.

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