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Petito Family Sued For Failure To Pay Licensing Fees

Oct 2, 2021

“Let It Be” Tattoos Designed By Gabby Violate Copyright Protection 

When four members of slain Instagram influencer Gabby Petito’s family got matching tattoos designed by Gabby herself, little did they suspect that their daughter never licensed the Beatles’ lyrics from Sony Music. They are now facing more than $1 million dollars every time they display their tattoos in public.

When Twitter users erupted in derision at the news, Sony issued a statement reaffirming its rights as owner of most of The Beatles’ catalogue, warning that the Petito family can either pay the standard rate of $250 thousand every time they are photographed or appear in videos showing off their tattoos, have the tattoos surgically removed, or run the risk of debt collectors arriving with chainsaws to remove their arms.

Additionally, Sony is demanding another $40.75 million in licensing fees from the estate of Gabby Petito for known instances on You Tube and Instagram where the deceased van blogger can be seen displaying the unlicensed lyrics on her arm.

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