A Few Words To The Wise Asses

Repugnicunts Claim Climate Change Politically Motivated


Demand Equal Time For End Of Days Scenarios

Ever since the Doomsday Clock hit midnight on Jan 6, 2021, partisan bickering over who is to blame for all this damned disorder has reached a fever pitch with both sides now arguing that death is better than whatever is currently being discussed outside the box they’ve locked themselves into — because that’s The American Way!

So we’ve finally all agreed to agree on something as disagreeable as a global extinction event that was totally preventable as recently as 1980. Kudos, America.

I’m exhausted with the political classes and their respective fan bases claiming that political matters are politically motivated. What the fuck else are they supposed to be? A day in the coal mines?

We’re no longer even shuffling deck chairs. We’re shuffling corpses.

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