A Few Words To The Wise Asses

JFK Jr. Boycotts Biden Atlanta Speech


I’m Done Rolling Over In My Grave

While the corporate media is determined to paint Stacy Abram’s scheduling issue as a snub of President Biden for his inability to solve every real or imagined grievance in our nation of miserable fucks in the course of a busy year, we here at the Portland Pataphysical Outpatient Clinic, Lounge, & Laundromat have been tracking down the real stories behind our imaginary problems.

One of these stories, of course, was the failure of John F. Kennedy, Jr, to appear at President Biden’s Atlanta speech on voting rights, portions of which were rumored to have been written by JFK’s legendary offspring himself.

Unfortunately, it appears our story may not have been true or factual, & not necessarily in that order.

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