A Few Words To The Wise Asses

Megyn Kelly Is Tired Of Liberals Ragging On Her Bony Ass


She Knows She Went From Rags To Bitching

Stewing in the juices of her own creation, former failed Fox and NBC newshooker Megyn Kelly is tired of being called an anti-vaxxer by liberal assholes simply because she doesn’t think kids should be vaccinated with an unproven drug to combat a preventable infectious disease that has already killed between 600,000 and 1.7 million Americans, who you think should have known better than to trust in God and Donald J. Turdwaffle, but that’s America for you.

Kelly went on its Twitter show on Monday to bash its botoxed face against David Frum’s formidable fist to entertain her millions of Twitter bots.

Kelly is the embodiment of American family values, which have clearly produced the good times that have been killing us for decades.

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