A Few Words To The Wise Asses

Jacob Shandling Wants Everyone To Stop Calling Him The QAnon Shaman


He Likes QAnon Conman Even Less

“Why didn’t anyone tell me I was spelling ‘chamois’ wrong?” Shandling asked the court while pleading guilty to felony obstruction of an official proceeding before Congress, “I’m no shamwow guy, man. I’m the real deal.”

The incel icon who stormed the Capitol on Janury 6, 2021 to make the world safe for Repugnicuntery told the court he was tired of “being mocked as if I’m some kind of retard for having trusted you know who. I wasn’t the only one. Hundreds of millions of Americans were with me in Washington. We can’t all be wrong, can we?” Shandling asked without the least bit of irony or awareness.

Shandling’s attorney,  Lindsey Kraken, no relation to herself, said her client has recently repudiated chamoisism and would henceforlike to be known as QAnon Amos.

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