A Few Words To The Wise Asses

Bizarre Pig-Faced Shark Found Dead In Mediterranean Holding Tank


Critical Race Theory Proven Right Again

A rare pig-faced angular roughshark considered to be a complete and total fabrication by white supremacists who consider reality to be rigged by liberals was found floating belly up in a Mediterranean petting zoo this morning. 

Long thought to be a figment of the overactive imaginations of progressives, blacks, and antifa since first being described in A Piccaninny’s Guide To Boss Hogg’s Bestiary in 1967, proponents of critical race theory point to the discovery as more evidence that America’s educational curricula must be revised to help protect minorities from this vicious partisan beast that has been known to pull over unsuspecting motorists of color before attacking and eating them alive.

Despite growing evidence of increased predation on vulnerable non-white populations by these blue marauders, few of these sharks have ever been indicted, much less convicted, prompting activists to urge their representatives to do more to protect them from this deadly menace.

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