A Few Words To The Wise Asses

Marjoe Faylure Greene Calls Dead People Losers


“People Need To Get Some Common Sense Or Just Die,” Marjoe Tells crowd of uneducated supporters

Arguing that current rising hospital rates are “fake news spread by Antifa Fauci & his northern coastal elites,” one of America’s greatest sources of greenhouse gases & proud spoiler of all the planet’s precious resources, Rep. Marjoe Faylure Greene (America First Nazi Party — GA) exhorted a crowd of angry middle-aged white people to “resist these illegal socialists who are taking your freedoms in the name of healthy welfare queens. As Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Constitution Overture: ‘A person who is willing to sacrifice his freedom to preserve his own skin is no patriot, & stoning is too good for him.’

“Don’t believe anything these greedy scientists & money-grubbing alternative healthcare professionals are saying. They just want what is in your pockets. We have plenty of hospital rooms for patriots who are willing to stand up to these attacks on our God-given right to do whatever we damn well please.”

Stunned reporters had no idea what to ask the nimrod after her deranged speech.

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