A Few Words To The Wise Asses

Lt. Gov Clarifies Statement Blaming Unvaccinated African Americans For Texas COVID Surge


Slams Media For Reporting What He Said

Blaming cancel culture & wokeness for his recent bad press, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick offered that he “may have misspoken myself” when he appeared to blame the recent catastrophic rise in COVID cases, hospitalizations, & death on unvaccinated blacks.

“Fake news,” Patrick smiled as liberal reporters peppered him with questions about his apparent gaffe, “It’s not like a used the N-word & I surely didn’t think it. What I was thinking at the time is this is just more of the Democrat’s fault.”

Patrick appeared to back peddle, seeming to focus his attention to unvaccinated Black Lives Matter sympathizers, even suggesting that he had read on GETTR that the counterfeit 20 dollar bill George Floyd was killed by Derek Chauvin for passing at a convenience store was later shown to be contaminated with COVID-19 spores from the Wuhan lab, and everybody knows Wuhan has been funding antifa since the 60s.”

“Now I ain’t saying,” Patrick said, “that all unvaccinated black antifas are intentionally spreading this disease among poor white folks here in Texas. As the good book says: There are plenty of good people on both sides, but you got to ask yourself: ‘Why does it look like them black fellas is up to no good?’” 

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