A Few Words To The Wise Asses

OMG! People At A Conspiracy Conference Think Antifa Gave Them Anthrax


Obviously These Are Breakthrough Infections

Absolutely everyone at the Re-Awaken America conference in Dallas on December 10 had previously tested negative for anthrax & they all had to provide proof that they had not received a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine before being able to purchase tickets, but now nearly everyone at the event has exhibited the kind of cough, chest pain, fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, loss of smell, headache & muscle pain that QAnon experts associate with anthrax infection.

“I’m pretty sure I must have heard dozens of people suggesting that our evidence is undoubtedly irrefutable that we were poisoned,” said Joel “Billy” Oltmann, Untergrøpenführer for the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of Aggrieved White People United.

“What else could it be? None of us had taken the COVID vaccines & we’d all got the anthrax shot right after 9/11. Our hand sanitizer had ivermectin in it & everybody loved the punch, which was nearly as good as shining a light on it.”

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