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Shipping Company Blames Godzilla For Pipeline Rupture


It Wasn’t Us, Says Rotterdam Express Owner

As US fossil fuel  companies close ranks to protect their lucrative stanglehold on the fate of the planet by finding someone beyond themselves to blame for California’s latest catastrophic oil spill, Hapag-Lloyd is not playing their game.

The company owns & operates the Rotterdam Express, which is accused of snagging the pipeline with its anchor & unleashing somewhere between 145,000 & 2.6 million barrels of crude into the ocean, says its log books show the massive ship was anchored nearly a mile from the pipeline & had repeatedly reported sighting the giant prehistoric beast between it & one of Amplify Energy’s offshore platforms south of Los Angeles.

“It was a huge creature, like you see in the Godzilla movies,” said Benjamin Derhoeveren, the ship’s captain. “We posted videos of the monster to You Tube and Instagram, as well as the USCG Twitter account, but they all acted as if we were making a prank. If they had acted in a timely manner, this entire disaster might have been averted.


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