When You've Got It, Flaunt It

Sep 6, 2021

Some Of Our Favorite Proverbs Are Adverbs, Chapter 41, Verse 49

People say, “Oh, that’s a terrible thing to say.” I say, “Really, how many Chevrolets are in Beijing right now? Maybe none.” Okay. They won’t take our cars. They won’t take our farm products. They won’t take anything.

And I was hitting them hard. And then the China virus came and it was a terrible period of time. Millions of people died all over the world. But we did the greatest job. And because the base was so strong, what we did was so strong, our country is doing well. It’s going to be blown now with all the inflation and everything else that’s taking place. But we built such a strong foundation that our country is doing great.

And other countries are doing horribly, horribly. Remember they used to use anything to hit us. When we got hit, I closed it to China, closed it to Europe, anything to hit us. But they’d say, “In South Korea, they’re doing so well.”

South Korea is being decimated right now. “India is doing so well.” India is being decimated right now.

We did a great job on that. The ventilators, the equipment that we got, the cupboards were all bare. Why didn’t Obama have a vaccine. He knew this was coming. He planned it. That’s what I read. Obama planned it just to make our base look bad.