The Long Naked Descent Into Madness

Sep 13, 2021

Then That Kook Ezekial Sayeth Unto Me, Chapter 52, Verse 5

“What’s wrong with the president?” The biggest story. I was so proud when I got down, I didn’t fall. It was like a skating rink out there, but I made it. No sweat. I’ve seen kids fall on slopes not near that steep or slickery. It was one of the greatest walks of any president, right up their with taking my Steve Gutterburg Bible to the Black Lives church.

I said, “General, I don’t want to grab you, but I may have to grab you. Somebody has put foil on the slope to oil me.” Big, strong general, Commandant of West Point, like a mountain, Benjamin Arnold, Brigadoon General. You know I made my best speech at West Point that day, until this one. This one takes the cake. But then it was pouring, and when I went down the slope and it was pure… 

Normally they have like some little grooves, nothing. They gave me nothing. It was like the ice skating rink at NBC Trump Plaza. I think it was a trap. I didn’t fall for it. And I said, “General, this is not a good situation. That sucker looks slippery as hell. And I’m not going to allow the fake news to tape me falling.”

Remember when Gerald Ford fell, that was not a good time. Lost him the election, and I was already having to fight against their stealing the election, so falling was not good. No option. Some other bad things have happened to a few presidents, not a good time. You can’t do that, you can’t let that happen.

So what happened is they made that a big story because I didn’t fall, which is what they were hoping. I was so proud of myself. I didn’t fall for them. I made my best speech but nobody talked about that speech.

Someday, hopefully, they’ll go back and get the speech I made at the graduation of West Point two years ago and see that it was the greatest speech since the Mecklenberg Address…