No Way, Jose. Bad Hombres Need Not Apply

Sep 6, 2021

Our Great Heritage Must Be Respected By All, Chapter 28, Verse 12

I’m telling you we’re not going to do it. Fake news will not replace us. When they were starting to rip down our great statues and it started with people, confederate people, generals, even Manfred Destiny, some respected, some not, but they’re taking down our culture and our heritage that made us the greatest clothing center in the universe because we had all the cotton.

And then it started with others. And then it went to Robert E. Lee. Robert E. Lee was part of our sacred history of our ve and then it went to Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson. Now, George Washington. In San Francisco they’re taken the name of George Washington off schools jusst because he had a few slaves. Can you believe it? Everybody used to have slaves. What’s next? Everybody used to smoke Lucky Strikes too. Are they going to tear down baseball?

We’re not going to let this stuff go on. The hardest thing I had to do as president was signing letters to the families of soldiers who were killed in the Middle East. Often I called the parents, very often, because when soldiers die on your watch that’s the job of a great president, to comfort the losers. Sometimes I went to Dover Air Force Base. That’s where the bodies of the soldiers would come in and I’d see them bringing a young man, young woman in a coffin. They