How KuklaM*A*S*H Lacquered That Turd

Sep 2, 2021

Biblical Cereal Killers Are The Worst Kind, Chapter 22, Verse 29

Before you had Donald Trump there was only chaos. Law and order? Forget about it. Fairness for all? Not by a long shot. It was a disaster. A disaster. But under our leadership, America was respected again. Our people did a great job. I’ve been watching Mike Pompeo, the greatest Secretary of State since Frederick Douglass. He did a great job and he’s going around spreading the word, these words, my words. Great words for a great country. 

And General Kellogg, do you know he’s from Battle Creek? No? That’s fine. I made that up, but General Kellogg and others like him and others and still others have been great. But they understood this would never, could never happen. It could never happen. So how did it happen? Was it the will of God?

You never move the military first. You move the military last. We had total control of the military. I know military as well as I know economic and industrial. They would have never come in. We could have kept them there for a long time, but 21 years, we want to bring them home. Some of them weren’t born when we went over there. Can you believe some of them weren’t even born but still they went over?

But we want to bring them home with dignity. Not their remains. Sure, those too, but better to bring them home on their own two feet to hold down transportation costs because we need accountability. Isn’t that what they say?

Very soon we’re going to have another September 11th and you’re going to have, because of Biden, the Taliban flag flying over our embassy, flying over our facilities. So that was not even a possibility that a thing like that could happen. How could this happen? When they rig an election, bad things happen.