A Plague Upon The Houses of The Unholy Alliance

Sep 1, 2021

"I Ain’t Fooling. I’m Gonna Send You Back To Schooling,” Chapter 15, Verse 35

Biden failed totally on the epidermals. We had Operation Warp Speed already finished, but he messed it up. And he’s now overseeing the greatest foreign policy humiliation in the history of the United States of America, and by the greatest I don’t mean great in a good way. I mean great in a bad way, like when Cassius Clay used it, because bad hombres do bad things and want everybody to think they’re great but they aren’t, but you already know that. You’re the greatest people in the good way. But you know that. Everybody knows that. Right? This is the greatest humiliation anyone has ever seen. Biden’s botched exit in Afghanistan is the most astonishing display of gross incompetence by a nation’s leader, perhaps at any time that anybody’s ever seen since Adam did that thing with Eve that God told them both not to do, but they did it anyway. You should listen to God. God knows what He’s talking about. Name another situation like this. Vietnam looks like a master class in strategy compared to Joe Biden’s latest catastrophe. Biden botched Vietnam almost as much he botched the southern border, where we built a great big beautiful wall to keep the Chinese virus out, but then they let the weather go crazy, and now this thing in Afghanistan, which I had won. We won this thing. If he had got out by the deadline this would not have happened. It did not have to happen. You see what happens when people don’t listen to me?