Sorry, Losers. You Can't Outsmart My IQ

Nov 1, 2021

I’ll Be The Greatest Split-Term President Ever, Volume 2, Chapter 26, Verse 17

We achieved American energy independence, and we turned America into the number one energy super power in the world. We were bigger than Saudi Arabia by a lot & then some. We were bigger than Russia even more by a lot. And now we’re going back to them asking them for help. Do you believe this? That’s why I call it unbelievable. How can anyone believe this?

Take Arizona. There were at least 282 dead people who happened to vote for me. Maricopa County’s official canvas recorded 3,432 more ballots cast than people they recorded as having been nearly a polling booth when he was watching. That’s tough, right? 277 precincts have more ballots cast than people.

They have more ballots cast than they have people resulting in at least 1,551 excess votes. Do the math.

9,041 mail-in votes and voters. Do the math. I always tell people to follow the math. Well, just to be exact. You know what? We have to get this exactly accurate because the fake news will say, “He said votes, instead of voters.” 9,041 mail-in voters returned more ballots than they were sent. They vote more than expected. Oh, that’s interesting. How does that happen?

Biden and the radical Democrats are also pushing a $4.7 trillion spending bonanza that is nothing but a down payment on the socialist Green New Deal, which is going to destroy the great country you had me build for you. It was beautiful.

But now the socialists say: Build your buildings. Please don’t put windows in your building. That’s one of the ones that we don’t want windows to be in the building. How are people going to jump out when the terrorists attack? And if they are, they want them to be very small. Take the buildings down in New York and build new buildings with smaller windows.

Where do they come up with these crazy ideas?