What's So Bad About A Little Titus & Asps?

Oct 5, 2021

Who Here Hates All These Politically Correctives? Volume 2, Chapter 6, Verse 28

As everyone here understands, the 2020 election, that presidential election which was such a great day. At 10:00 it was over. We had won big. Pennsylvania, Trump is winning by a lot. Arizona, Trump is winning by a lot. We don’t even talk about Alabama, there was nothing they could do to steal this one. There was nothing. We had it sewed up hundreds of years ago.

The beauty of me is I’m so rich no one can cancel me. They can rig elections, they can impeach me, but I’ll never be indicted. I’ll never go to jail. I’m too rich. I’ll just buy the prison & turn it into a golf course & make everyone a lot of money.

Everybody loves me and hates the deep state. The deep state hates you & your favorite president. Nobody’s ever been treated as badly as me, although some say Abraham Lincoln & John Kennedy were treated really badly, but I don’t deserve it.