Stop The Count; I Already Won

Oct 13, 2021

Nobody Has Ever Been Treated More Badly Except Maybe For Adam, Volume 2, Chapter 13, Verse 20

Thank you for being so great here tonight. Too bad a few bad apples have ruined our country for so many of us, in so many ways, I could, you know I could, but I won’t because you already know.

We have here tonight someone who has fought harder than anyone else in Congress to expose the election fraud, he really is a fighter, a heavyweight, a champion of our very fine people, and to defend the integrity of our elections.

He worked hard between the steal and January 6 with our great patriots who protested at the Capitol as the Democrats took that shameful vote. It was shameful, but we all know the Democrats have no shame. They are completely without shame, godless, always looking to, I know I shouldn’t…

Can you believe I’m a politician? I can’t even. Nobody believes it.

And I have to say it, I just can’t imagine him losing. He’s got courage. He’s an honest guy. He’s an honest guy. And that gives him the courage. Your next US Senator from Alabama is here with us. Mo Brooks. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Mo. Thank you.