Remember When I Tested Positively Toward Negative?

Oct 13, 2021

Since When Is 56% Not A Majority? Volume 2, Chapter 12, Verse 24

So they couldn’t have done it without me, & they should reinstate me. It makes perfect sense. I make this country great. For you. Because of you. You think I’m kidding? I keep being positive, meaning I tested negative, which is just a way of speaking, a way of saying it, things, that’s psitively toward the negative…

Despite the pandemic, 56%, this was a record, of Americans… Because of me, 56% of you went to the polls to Keep America Great. This is during the pandemic… Real people were dying, but you believed that you were better off in 2020 than they were in 2016 when I amused office.

Think of that, 56% is a record. And we had a pandemic going. A majority of Americans, 55%, want audits of the votes. They want audits. You want audits. Everyone wants audits. Are we really going to ignore the 55%, the big majority who wants audits?

And they want the forensic audits, they don’t want the bullshit audits that don’t find anything. We’ve had enough of those. We went to court more than 60 times to end this fraud, but they own the courts, except for my Court. You’ll see what my Court can do soon enough.

And 88% of the American citizens, of our citizens, of our great & very fine people are demanding voter ID, & not those bullshit IDs the kids use to get drunk.