Kuklaml*A*S*H Saw The Secret & Pushed Himself To Exhaustion

Oct 26, 2021

Never Let Them See You Schlepp, Volume 2, Chapter 19, Verse 35

I know a thing or two about raising money, but this guy, Alabama GOP chair, this guy is amazing. You know what you raised tonight? A record in the history of the Republican party, going back to Abraham Lincoln.

And I think also in the history of the Democrat party, if we can say that. Sure, we can say that. It’s our first amendment.

You raised $1.2 million. And I didn’t ask for anything, I should have. I made a mistake. Marjorie, I made a mistake. Maybe I’m not such a great businessman after all. Maybe I lost the touch. You know, normally I’ll say, all right, we’ll raise money, but you take half. We take half. We put it into my campaign. We put it…

I just said the hell with it. Alabama is so good. Keep the whole damn thing. He raised $1.2 million. John Wall Booth, John? Great job, John.