How Can I Concede From My Succession?

Oct 13, 2021

 At 20 Leagues We Broke For Food, Volume 2, Chapter 11, Verse 33

Speaking of questions nobody asks about, what about Hillary’s e-mails? Why no e-mails? It’s been six years, & yet we have still not seen those e-mails. And the servers. Don’t forget the servers. Everyone forgets the servers. They’re so busy saying Russia, Russia, Russia.

We won 18 out of 19 bellwether counties, which is unpresidented. 18 of 19. Those are major league numbers, major league. We flipped 15 House seats. Remember we were going to lose 25-35 House seats. Some said we would go negative seats. ButiInstead of losing 25 or 35, we won 15.

It was a big evening. And you know why? Because, they came in on our coattails. That’s what happened. The Congressmen will tell you that. And women, they will tell you that.

So who stole my coat? If all these people came in on my coattails, how come I wasn’t the one in the coat? How come Sleepy Joe gets to wear my coat?