All The Gnus That Give Two Shits

Little Marco Rubio Votes Against Gun Bill


Claims Bill Is Rushed Kneejerk Reaction To Poor Policing In Uvalde Caused By Antifa Defunding Efforts

“I didn’t have enough time to read the bill,” says Marco Polio Rubio (R-Word, FL) in explaining why he was “forced to vote no on this hastily written bill to fix our God-given Second Amendment rights to own bear guns to protect us against Russian aggression.”

Rubio, who sleeps in a fetal position in a dark, dank basement in his mom’s house, joined Ron “Hotrod Howard” Johnson and 32 other Repugnicunts who were born with the conscience God gave carcinomas in opposing the latest watered-down effort to prevent a national requirement that all US citizens wear full-body armor to prevent ammunition-caused climate change.

Here’s the complete list of suspected Nazi pigfuckers in the Senate who chose gun business as usual over the preservation of unarmed lives:

John Barrasso, Wyoming

Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee

John Boozman, Arkansas

Mike Braun, Indiana

Tom Cotton, Arkansas

Mike Crapo, Idaho

Ted Cruz, Texas

Steve Daines, Montana

Deb Fischer, Nebraska

Chuck Grassley, Iowa

Bill Hagerty, Tennessee

Josh Hawley, Missouri

John Hoeven, North Dakota

Cindy Hyde-Smith, Mississippi

Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma

Ron Johnson, Wisconsin

John Kennedy, Louisiana

James Lankford, Oklahoma

Mike Lee, Utah

Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming

Roger Marshall, Kansas

Jerry Moran, Kansas

Rand Paul, Kentucky

Jim Risch, Idaho

Mike Rounds, South Dakota

Marco Rubio, Florida

Ben Sasse, Nebraska

Rick Scott, Florida

Tim Scott, South Carolina

Richard Shelby, Alabama

Dan Sullivan, Alaska

John Thune, South Dakota

Tommy Tuberville, Alabama

Roger Wicker, Mississippi

If you voted for any of these Kochsucking NRA poopadoodle whores, may God forsake anyone you love whenever they are out in public, including you, asshole. Consider yourself extinct.

I bet you’re glad right now that God doesn’t exist, right?

Fucking assholes.