All The Gnus That Give Two Shits

Gohmert Complains He Can't Lie To The FBI Anymore


Whatever Happened To What Made This Country Great?

Rep. Louie “Louie Louie” Gohmert (R-Word, TX) raged like a heathen with deviled crabs Friday morning when informed that former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator Grabito Pussolini’s former advisor Peter Navarro was handcuffed, had a sack placed over his head, and was whisked to a dark site in Saudi Arabia, while attempting to board a plane in contempt of a series of congressional subpoenas.

“It’s got to where,” Gohmert sputtered, “that if you’re a Republican, you can’t even lie to Congress or the FBI without some Gaspacho police raid coming after you. Don’t tell me the only reason Democrats don’t get caught doing stuff like this is they don’t do it. That just don’t make sense. Ask anybody.”