All The Gnus That Give Two Shits

Most Americans Won't Miss Florida When Climate Change Swallows It Up


Poll Shows Young People No Longer Willing To Put Up With Parents’ American Family Values

“If all you old fucks keep acting like dicks,” said one anonymous Tik Tok Teen at yesterday’s Fuck The Futurists Rally in Valparaiso, “wait till see the dance routines we’ll post using your stupid tombstone memorials to your own colossal failure as props.”

I’d like to think this gives me some hope for a future brave new world that won’t have so many nimrods in it, but I’ve waited more than half century for Frank Zappa to be right about this 1967 prediction:

I suspect that dead horse has already perished in the blazing barn whose doors had been swollen shut by flood waters from a sudden snow melt caused by wild fires caused by Repugnicunt-legislated climate change .