All The Gnus That Give Two Shits

Repugnicunts Threaten To Boycott Future Presidential Debates Until Former Guy Is Reinstated


Ronna McDaniel Calls Commission On Presidential Debates A Black Lives Matter Front Organization

Stressing that the GOP remains committed to protecting the rights of wealthy somnambulists, Repugnicunt National Committee charwoman Ronna “My Corona” McDaniel blasted the Commission On Presidential Debates (CPD) for what she called “a woke bias against our sacred heritage of the Silent Majority with American family values.”

The GOP has long opposed the tendency by the CPD to employ professional journalists to moderate debates. “These miscreants,” McDaniels was recently caught saying on an open mike, “are determined to let our candidates make fools of themselves by asking the kinds of substantive questions our members have no answers for.”

Unsurprisingly, Repugnicunt candidates are tired of being asked questions they are not permitted to answer because of the party’s reliance on non-disclosure agreements to shield its members from arrest for criminal activity or civil lawsuits to recover costs and damages from the GOP’s commitment to authoritarianism and supply-side plantation economics.