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Transexual Teen Dies After Receiving COVID Vaccine


“I Told Her Not To Take That Vaccine” Says Mom

Tommy Lahdanum, 13, snuck into Walgreen’s to get her COVID shots after her anti-vax mother Sparkle Lahdanum forbid her from getting the shots so she could return to school. “It was our one point of contention. She believed in science and I believe in Fox News,” Sparkle said, “so I told her she wasn’t getting no shot, but that’s teenagers for you.”

Tommy got her first dose on June 2, 2021 without incident.

However, shortly after receiving her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on June 17, Tommy was struck by an Amazon delivery truck and pronounced dead at the scene.

Sparkle blames the vaccine for Tommy’s death and has retained Jefferson, Penn, & Teller to sue whoever presents the greatest opportunity for justice.