Ted Bundy Theme Park To Open In Orlando

May 26, 2021

American Boogeyman To Capitalize On Bundy Franchising

 Bundy & Buddies, LLC, just unveiled a smorgasbord of Bundy goodies, for Americans who don’t mind getting down with their bad selves.

There’s By George Bundy, a new sandwich at Subway featuring dried pulled beef from range-starved cattle set free onto public lands by Bundy Ranch.

“American Boogeyman,” a new film from the Director of Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers, follows the adventures Theodore “Ted” Bundy, a recruiter for the Young Republicans of America and door-to-door denture salesman who excelled at murdering young women in the 1970s, during the same era that Al Bundy was nailing it on Married With Children.

Last Tuesday after lunch, the cosmic time in the universe, Cliven Bundy announced the upcoming release of Almond Bundy, which one reviewer described as “an Almond Joy rip-off with something like the stuffing from a Mr. Pillow in place of coconut,” the first in what Cliven guarantees to be a long line of nutty candies & snacks suitable for the entire wingnut family.

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